How to Rtae a Soulmate romantic comedy book

1st Place Winner, Romance,

Royal Dragonfly Awards

Romance is in the stars…

according to a psychic who tells Sara what she has to do to find her soulmate. Sara’s desperate solution is The Plan.

A gem of a book . . . the perfect summer read”—Readers’ Favorite

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by D. L. Fisher

If you’ve ever had a fat cell you didn’t like, this book is for you. From holiday fat challenges to summer bathing suit blues, it’s a sweet (as in sugary), bumpy ride.

“I laughed so hard. You nailed it!”

“I truly laughed out loud throughout . . . hilarious descriptions.” 

funny fat stories

D. L. FISHER is an artist, illustrator, writer, occasional recluse, perennial entrepreneur, certified word nerd, human satirist, animal lover, vegan, and can be frequently found debating odd subjects at any given time—because, it’s fun.

Oh, and she’s won some awards. 😛

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romantic comedy author D. L. Fisher

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