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“I loved this book! A quick read full of great practical information for staying healthy and dynamic as a writer. A gem for both new and seasoned writers!”—Kelly Larsen, author of Keys to Unlocking Your Inner Power

“How to Write and Stay Healthy is a must for every writer!“—Mark Plets, author of Business ESL Made Easy

“Entertaining, and full of helpful suggestions, with actual examples of what to do and how to avoid the inevitable stumbling blocks. Highly recommended for anyone who sits in front of a computer all day, and not just writers.”—K. Z. Kane, author of Blindfolded: A True Story

A Must-Read for Writers

What happens when you sit in front of a computer for hours engrossed in writing?


What do you do when family members or housemates invade your writing space?


How do you deal with butt-spread, eye strain, boundaries, self-esteem issues and the challenges of working in the same place you live?

How to Write and Stay Healthy has the answers to these question and more, along with insider tips and tricks for the work-at-home writer. You will learn time-honored solutions and techniques to optimize health, productivity, and creativity—particularly for writers—including:

  • Tips for healthy eyes
  • What you’re missing when you breathe
  • Kicking Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to the curb
  • Best stretches for writers
  • Exercise without exercising
  • Superfoods you can “add in”
  • Tools for tracking your goals
  • Optimizing your workspace
  • Setting boundaries (both physical and mental)
  • Staying Brainy
  • and more


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