Recipes for the Broken-Hearted

Recipes for the Broken-Hearted

Dumped, Divorced, Rejected?

If you’re looking for way to mitigate the depression, wailing, and general malaise after being dumped, this comic cookbook is for you (or for your friend shuffling around the house in wrinkled pajamas and Einstein hair). The “Comfort Cuisine” recipes are awesome (they take very little effort of course, and were created to release much-needed endorphins), and the comics will make you laugh—or at least crack a tiny smirk—even if the determination not to smile is carved into your battered (and fried) heart.

divorce comic

This cookbook was born out of a trunk novel I wrote so long ago I don’t want to say, lest you figure out how old I actually am. The novel was “The Divorce Diet” and I left it languishing in the dark mists of projects that took the winding road to nowhere. Writing a cookbook was part of my marketing plan for the novel, but I am not a cook who measures anything—I just throw stuff together and that my friends does not a chef make. So the cookbook idea languished as well, until I reconnected with my friend, Jennifer, who happened to be the cook extraordinaire capable of creating delicious, funny, and inspirational recipes (with actual instructions).

So between us—Jennifer’s brilliant recipes and my comics—we cobbled the book together. Then we got sidetracked with a NY agent who petered out to the point that she disappeared from the agency, and we were left—yes, once again—languishing.

Years go by…and I finally thought, WTF? This comic cookbook—meant to be a balm to the broken-hearted husks out there just trying to get through the day (and the nightmarish nights)—is not doing anyone any good buried in my hard drive. So I determined to get the book published myself. And I FINALLY did.

divorce comic

Don’t Leave the Planet Without Putting Yourself and Your Creations Out There

My message to you, my writer friends, and all creative people, is to publish everything close to your heart. Leave a legacy. Don’t let the abysmal state of the current publishing industry deter you from putting yourself out there. There WILL be someone or many someones who need, commiserate with, and appreciate your works. You may make someone’s day even if it is one person.

Self-publishing makes it easy. You don’t have to make money from your book, or do any marketing. Just make sure you don’t die with a hard drive full of you and your important thoughts and creations. 🙂

divorce diet cookbook

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D. L. Fisher is an award-winning author of romantic comedy, quirky fiction, short stories, nonfiction, and an award-winning artist and illustrator.

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